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Summary of The Greatest Salesman in The World 

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Time is a continuum that waits for nobody. So many people have found it increasingly difficult to facilitate a successful sale. Being a successful salesman requires a lot of confidence, commitment, hard work, determination, grit, focus, belief, etc. A successful salesman must know the importance of time and the value of emotions. He must also know why to sell and when to sell. Establishing the correct attitude is very important to the success of any sale, and that’s what Og Mandino has discussed in the book. Og Mandino was an author whose works have been read all over the world and translated into more than twenty languages. He was a best-selling author and an elected president of Success Unlimited Magazine. “Why am I trying to become what I don’t want to be … when all I want is out there, waiting for me the minute I say I know who I am.” ~ Arthur Miller

Key points


The first step to being the greatest salesman in the world is to know why you want to be a great salesman in the first place

Not many people understand what it means to become successful in the art of selling their ideas. Some think it’s about the money, while some do it for fame, but only a few do it because they know how to. The first problem faced by sellers is that they don’t know how to convince people to buy into their ideas.

Becoming a great salesman requires total commitment, action, and spirituality. It requires being selfless and being at peace with yourself. It also requires knowing your worth and value. Selling your ideas cannot be made possible unless you follow the principles that guide a successful sale.

Using the Bible as a reference, Og Mandino has successfully narrated a beautiful story, telling people the best way to facilitate successful tales. If you want to know the comprehensive details of how to become the greatest salesman in the world, this is the perfect piece for you.

Failure is not an obstacle but an experience for anyone who is determined to succeed

In ancient times, a wealthy man named Hafid called his closest servant, Erasmus, and told him to estimate the worth of everything he owned. Hafid was a wealthy man who was seen as the greatest salesman in the world. He had riches of all kinds, and he lived in affluence. It came as a rude shock to Erasmus, however, when Hafid told him to convert his vast fortune to gold talents and to donate it to the poor, leaving only enough for Hafid to live for the remaining days he had left to live. Confused, Erasmus reminded Hafid that the past year had been the most profitable year they’ve had. The wealthy man asked his servant to trust him and to stay with him until he fulfilled a promise he had made to his own master when he was still young.
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You sometimes have to give out that thing which is precious in order to gain more precious things


Understanding the importance of time and the value of belief are principles you should adopt in order to be successful


The next five scrolls show that you must master your emotions and be spiritual if you want to be a successful salesman


An act of selfless generosity you do today will surely reflect on your tomorrow



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