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Summary of Know Yourself, Know Your Money 

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Many people find staying true to their money goals a problematic task. It may even be a norm for you to spend first then struggle to trace out your expenses. You have acquired knowledge from several sources about the merits of budgets, savings, and investment. But how much of these financial insights have you utilized? Maybe you find yourself neck-deep in credit card debts, despite your fat paycheck. “Know Yourself Know Your Money” is about financial liberation. It reveals the peculiar loopholes through which many people lose money without realizing it. The majority of people that find themselves wallowing in debt are Dons when it comes to financial knowledge. Hence, Rachel Cruze’s book is the missing link that helps seemingly knowledgeable persons discover themselves — financially. Rachel Cruze is a personal finance guru with a B.A. in communications from the University of Tennessee. Her parents imbued her with the dynamics of money from her toddler years. Cruze co-authored The New York Times Best Selling title: “Smart Money, Smart Kids” with her dad, Dave Ramsey. “Money is like a magnifying glass. It just makes you more of what you already are.” ~ Rachel Cruze

Key points


Understanding the mysteries of your financial habits

Reynolds Berkeley was an average boy that grew up on a farm in Okran, Ohio. Though one could hardly regard his family as inferior, his family’s subsistence stemmed from his parents’ frugal practices. Reynolds’ dad had minimal education but still managed to keep a budget and ledger for all farm and household expenses. The ability of Berkeley’s children to get some schooling came at a price; for them, the quintessential profanities of youth were absent. Reynolds Berkeley grew to be a prosperous property realtor but found it challenging to live within his means. The acute frugality of his youth made a spending beast out of him in adulthood.
Riches do not automatically result in financial satisfaction. With a healthy money culture, you can achieve much, even when you have little.
Like Reynolds, our financial realities originate from the fiber of our interactions with money, right from childhood. In effect, an adequate understanding of yourself will be an eye-opener to the previously enigmatic spending habits. Self-understanding entails answering a series of questions about the “hows” and “whys” of your money habits. Such questions include:
• What convictions do I have about money and why?
• Is there a trend in the financial pitfalls I’ve encountered so far?
• Do I find it challenging to remain on the same page as my spouse about money matters?What are the safeguards I need to put in place to secure the financial security of my wards?

However, this summary is no manifesto or seven-point agenda on financial actualization. Instead, it is a personal guide for self-discovery. Subsequently, you see your financial faults for what they are and make amends going forward.
Knowing what to do with your money is the easy part. Actually doing it is the hard part. ~ Dave Ramsey
So, whether you’re finding it difficult to draw up a budget, pay off your student loan, cut down on credit, invest more money, or lead a financially disciplined family, you have wisely invested your time. Read on to decipher your Achilles heel with money and how to get better.

Learning A-B-C’s in Money Kindergarten

The Kendricks have been married for over ten years and still can’t seem to agree over several things. They stay on the same street with their local pastor, and the man of God could not help but notice a trend in their frequent standoffs. Jake, their pastor, decided to have a brief discussion with the couple. The quarrels have been coinciding with the arrival of their monthly bills.
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Growing up in ease, or otherwise, and finding your financial path


Money sometimes leaves a footprint of fear


When your financial decisions go awry


What’s your money spending and saving mojo?


Winning it big by cultivating a culture of saving and giving



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