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Summary of Good Strategy/Bad Strategy 

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Most business owners have questions like: What's a good strategy? What does it take to overturn a bad business situation? As you grow, you're probably wondering how Nvidia rose to prominence or how Apple survived an impending bankruptcy to become the most valuable company in the world. Contained in this tidbit is a detailed explanation of the difference between good strategy and bad strategy, plus how they shape your business. This summary explains the importance of strategic business ideas and how you can create a successful business brand. Richard Rumelt is a writer, strategist, and the Harry and Elsa Kunin Emeritus Professor of Business & Society at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. “Thought is not only power; it is also the form of all things. The conditions that we attract will correspond exactly to our mental pictures. It is quite necessary, then, that the successful business man should keep his mind on thoughts of happiness.” 〜 Richard P. Rumelt

Key points


Your understanding of the differences between good and bad strategy is essential to the growth of your business

The major goal for most businesses is profit–making and generation of revenue. Sadly, a lot of businesses run down because of their ignorance of the difference between a good strategy and a bad strategy. The former comes with experience, plan, focus, and the willingness to adapt to change seamlessly. Knowing when to strike and knowing when to create leverage for yourself are key points to note in good strategies. Bad strategies, however, are detrimental and damaging.

Creating a successful business brand is not an easy task, but once you understand the techniques behind establishing a positive strategy, you should be able to create something unique for the competitive market. The major reason a lot of startups fail is because they’ve been unable to successfully establish the right business plan. This is so because they are devoid of good strategies.
Building a business without a well-laid plan, actionable proximate objectives, and policy guidelines is a fast way of killing a business.
With a blend of personal, first–hand experience, and a narrative flow that gives way for easy reading, Richard Rumelt has created a masterpiece that is recommended for everybody. If you want to learn about the best strategies on how to be very successful, then this is the right material for you. In this bite-sized summary, you’ll learn the importance of establishing a good business network and having a business plan that will make your work easier.

A good strategy sometimes comes unexpectedly from simple sources

Good plans are hard to come by, particularly in the business world. Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy in 1995, within a matter of months, but the company was able to turn its fortune around. The appointment of Steve Jobs as the new CEO marked the start of a new era for Apple. Steve Jobs had a simple, but powerful, approach. Apple created far too many goods and did nothing to educate customers about the differences between them. He consolidated Apple's many businesses into a manageable size and reduced wasteful and needless spending.
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A bad strategy is not as a result of a lack of good plan; it's the misconception of a supposedly good strategy


A good strategy builds its foundation the combination of various strategic models that can transform an organization


To motivate people, a leader has to set a feasible time frame for the accomplishment of an idea or a goal


Using design helps you to map out strategic positions for victory


It’s essential to know how to capture a particular part of the market where you can supply more value than other competitors


Healthy expansion does not come through large mergers or acquisitions; it comes from successful invention


Gaining higher ground in a competitive market increases your chances of victory and a more stable defence



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