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18 Invaluable Parenting Apps to Download

Looking for a parenting app? Read our list of the top 18 parenting apps, including apps for baby development, potty training, first aid, and chore management.


While parenting is commonly regarded as the best and most rewarding job in the world, it is also deemed the most demanding. Luckily, many apps are available to help take the weight off and support you through the parenting process. 

This article lists the top 18 parenting apps available, including apps for baby names, nutrition, and online child protection, so you can become the best parent throughout all stages of your child’s development. 

1. Headway — for parenting books


The Headway app fuels self-growth and development through easy, fun learning. It is designed to help you reach your goals and become a better version of yourself. Our app offers 15-minute audio and book summaries from bestselling non-fiction books, daily insights, and more so you can absorb key knowledge concisely.  

You begin on the subscription-based app by customizing your own growth plan based on your goals. For instance, you may wish to ‘Build a strong family’ as a parent. Then, the Headway app provides all the knowledge you need to accomplish your chosen goals. We tackle many categories, from becoming more successful, improving productivity, and excelling at work to becoming better parents and nurturing healthy relationships. We even offer challenges, including ‘Modern Parenting’ (20-day challenge) and ‘Close-Knit Family’ (14-day challenge), so you can work towards becoming the best parent possible.

To start your journey of self-growth and improvement, download the Headway app today and begin customizing your growth plan.

And if you are looking for tips on being a great parent in the modern age, check out our blog article on the art of raising emotionally-intelligent children. 


2. BabyName — for choosing baby names


Are you a parent-to-be having trouble choosing that perfect baby name? The BabyName app offers a fun and interactive way for you and your partner to choose a name you both love. To start, you connect with your partner on the app and begin swiping through baby name cards. Swipe right on the card if you like the name, and swipe left if you don’t. If you both like the same name, you get a match, and it is added to your favorites list. The app has more than 30,000 names, each with the meaning and origin included. 

3. Easy Kegel — for pelvic floor exercise


Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and provide many health benefits. Kegel exercise can help men and women, including preventing urinary incontinence, reducing prostate pain, increasing pleasure during sexual intercourse, and making childbirth easier for pregnant women. Plus, it can help restore the vaginal area postpartum. The Easy Kegel app makes it easy to practice kegel exercises to help prepare you for childbirth, offering:

  • customizable reminders;

  • adjustable session durations;

  • simple visual cues (and optional vibration or audio cues);

  • specific exercise programs depending on your needs.

4. Sprout Pregnancy — for pregnancy tracking


Sprout Pregnancy offers support for every stage of your pregnancy. It helps you stay organized and knowledgeable about your body’s development and your growing baby throughout your pregnancy. On the Sprout Pregnancy app, you can:

  • create a ‘Pregnancy Journal’ and capture all your thoughts, photos, and moments;

  • view 3D real-to-life baby movements timed with the current stage of pregnancy;

  • view a ‘Health Tracker’ and ‘Personalized Pregnancy Timeline’;

  • create a ‘Visual Birth Plan’;

  • see information daily and weekly about you and your growing baby;

  • use its ‘Kick Counter,’ ‘Weight Tracker,’ and ‘Contraction Timer’;

  • prepare for birth with a due date countdown.

5. Carol — connecting and supporting moms


Carol is an app for connecting and supporting moms to help them through motherhood. The Carol app has numerous features, including:

  • resources of expert-led articles, including for pregnancy, postpartum, baby sleep, baby development, and the early years for all your questions and concerns;

  • ability to connect with local like-minded moms with children of a similar age;

  • groups for building a community;

  • ability to give and receive advice from other mothers.

The Carol app is a must-have app if you want baby-related support and advice or want to connect with a community of mothers.

6. Sound Sleeper — for relaxing sounds


Sound Sleeper is ideal for helping your baby get a good night’s sleep through soothing sound patterns. Here are some key features of the app:

  • various sounds, including ‘Fan,’ ‘Vacuum,’ and ‘Womb,’ to remove outside noise and keep your baby calm;

  • a compilation of ‘Classic Music’ and ‘Lullabies’ to help your baby fall asleep;

  • ‘Shhhh’ and ‘Hush’ sound to reassure your baby;

  • baby sleep tracker;

  • sound selection for tired parents, including ‘Calming Guitar’ and ‘Rain’ to help you get a good night’s rest as well as your baby. 

Sound Sleeper is one of the best apps for newborns.

7. Baby Connect — for newborn tracking 


Baby Connect is the best app for newborn tracking, helping you manage and monitor every aspect of your new baby’s life. On this impressive app, you can:

  • monitor your baby’s diapers, sleep, feedings, mood, activities, and milestones with weekly reports and charts;

  • track your baby’s vaccines, sickness, medicine, temperature, allergies, blood type, height, weight, and head size;

  • email reports to partners, doctors, babysitters, and nannies;

  • time and monitor the number of diaper changes, feeds, naps, and pumpings daily;

  • monitor expressed milk, breast pumping, and nursing time. 

8. Cloud Baby Monitor — for baby monitoring


Look no further than Cloud Baby Monitor for all your baby monitoring needs. This app provides a high-quality video baby monitor. It has both motion and noise alerts and has an unlimited range, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and 5G. Notable features of this app include the following:

  • live video;

  • activity log to help analyze sleep patterns;

  • sensitive audio;

  • lullabies, white noises, and the option to customize your own playlists;

  • ability to talk to your baby through video and audio;

  • battery status monitoring;

  • multi-parent support;

  • multi-child support;

  • night light with brightness control.

To use Cloud Baby Monitor, a one-off payment is required.

9. Kinedu — for baby development 


Kinedu is a baby development app for parents of children between zero and six. It offers professional support and guidance on early development through one-on-one coaching sessions, expert-led classes on topics including breastfeeding and sleep, science-based play activities, live play sessions, and more. Using the Kinedu app, you can prepare for efficient child development, whether you are expecting a baby or a parent to a preschooler. Other features of Kinedu include:

  • personalized plans with recommendations for play activities and accompanying video tutorials;

  • tailored activities based on your baby’s needs;

  • noting down milestones to view your baby’s developmental progress;

  • group chats with other parents that have similar challenges.

10. Baby Led Kitchen — for nutrition 


Baby Led Kitchen is a nutrition app that offers recipes for babies from six months old to eat independently. This is great for introducing new foods to your baby and helping with their dexterity. Every recipe is nutritionally-balanced, affordable, quick to make, and simple for babies to eat without help. Here are some of its key features:

  • recipes with no upper age limit;

  • over 225 tested recipes with clear instructions and visuals;

  • recipes have a total time on them, so you can choose ones that fit your schedule;

  • measurements are in imperial and metric;

  • search recipes by terms such as ‘vegan’ or by type such as ‘lunch’;

  • recipes filtered by requirements, such as gluten-free;

  • ‘Tips & Advice’ section.

The Baby Led Kitchen app requires a one-time payment to use. 

11. Potty Whiz — for potty training


Potty Whiz is a potty training app created for parents by parents. It aims to help make potty training less challenging for parents and speed up the time it takes to potty train. On the Potty Whiz app, you can:

  • use it without an internet connection;

  • log activities, such as ‘Sat on Potty,’ ‘Told Parents,’ ‘Washed Hands,’ ‘Wiped,’ and ‘Drank Fluids’;

  • get notifications with its potty training timer when your baby needs the toilet;

  • track your progress through charts;

  • make potty training a less challenging and more rewarding process.

12. Bubble — for babysitters


The Bubble app is a safe and simple solution to finding local childcare for your child. Every sitter on the app has a background and reference check and is ID-verified. On Bubble, you can enjoy many features, including:

  • honest reviews from other parents;

  • fully insured sitters;

  • view potential sitters’ qualifications, hobbies, experience, and video profiles;

  • see who your friends have trusted;

  • find a babysitter for last-minute, regular, ad-hoc, and permanent jobs;

  • communicate with your babysitter before booking and set up a meeting before commitment (virtual or in-person);

  • monitor your sit and enjoy secure payment.

Bubble is one of the best free parenting apps for babysitting.

13. Storytime from CBeebies — for children’s stories


Storytime from CBeebies presents visually stunning and interactive storybooks to support reading for children aged zero to five. On this app, you will find:

  • stories with strong values, such as friendship and inclusivity;

  • the option to use ‘Read to Me’ or ‘Read by Myself’ so children can read with an adult or alone;

  • strong parental lock for external links;

  • a ‘My Stories’ area for all your child’s favorites;

  • a ‘Bedtime Stories’ collection for nighttime reading;

  • stories can be downloaded to be enjoyed on the go and offline;

  • a library of stories, including ‘The Night Before Christmas’ and ‘Peter Rabbit: The Tale of the Unexpected Discovery.’

14. OurFamilyWizard — for co-parenting


OurFamilyWizard is designed for separated or divorced parents to help avoid conflict and co-parent effectively. This app keeps all your co-parenting interactions in one place, so you can protect your child from adult conversations and keep everything documented and organized. Features of this app include:

  • communication in one place;

  • a ‘ToneMeter’ so you can get alerted to language that could escalate issues;

  • a color-coded schedule for clear communication and better reliability;

  • secure records of your co-parenting costs (receipts can be uploaded); 

  • a journal to log drop-offs and pickups and record memories;

  • an ‘Info Bank’ where you can add essential details about your child, such as medical records and clothes sizes;

  • ability to give your hired professional access, such as solicitors, therapists, and social workers.

15. Bark — for online safety


In the digital age, online safety is a big concern to parents. The Bark app provides a solution that lets parents control online content and determine screen time. On this app, you can:

  • monitor your child’s email, texts, apps, and social media platforms for concerns such as adult content, bullying, profanity, online predators, and more through alerts;

  • filter which websites your child is allowed to access by blocking specific sites or entire categories, such as gaming or sexual content;

  • set time limits and schedules for when your child’s phone connects to the internet for effective screen time management.

The Bark app offers a seven-day free trial of its services.

16. Find My Kids — for family tracking


Your child’s safety can be a concern when they are away from you or fail to respond to you on their phone. The Find My Kids app lets you keep in contact with your child with ease by letting you:

  • send loud notifications to their phone even if it is on silent;

  • view the apps they use in school and for how long so you can learn what is distracting them in class;

  • monitor their location with a GPS tracker and location history;

  • check their battery charge status;

  • check they got to school on time and other places with notifications;

  • use a family chat.

All features of Find My Kids can be used for seven days for free. After this, the free version only has location tracking, so you will need to purchase a subscription for all other functions.

17. Greenlight — for money management 


Teaching your child or teenager smart money management is important. Greenlight is a banking app and debit card for nurturing financially-smart children and teenagers. It is an educational app including critical financial tools for earning, saving, giving, and spending. Both parents and children have separate logins to the same account but receive different experiences. On Greenlight, you can:

  • turn the card off if needed;

  • get alerts when the card is used;

  • send money to your children instantly;

  • automate allowance payments;

  • set store-level spending limits for teaching budgeting.

Greenlight plans begin at $4.99 a month (the first month is free) and lets you include debit cards for up to five children. 

18. S’moresUp — for chore management 


S’moresUp provides easy household management to keep your family connected and organized. Key features of this app include:

  • allowance management using its chore-reward management system for incentivizing and penalizing children based on actions completed;

  • a family planner for organizing appointments and events;

  • a chore management system for assigning, reminding, and rewarding family members for doing chores;

  • a profile for each family member;

  • a community of parents for sharing advice;

  • a ‘Family Campfires’ feature so you can connect with extended family members.

S’moresUp is one of the top parenting apps for chore management.

Get started with the Headway app

Using some of the apps mentioned in this list, you can lighten the parenting load and work towards becoming the best parent possible. One app that should not be overlooked is the Headway app, providing key insights and summaries from leading non-fiction titles covering a whole host of categories, including parenting and family life. By choosing the Headway app, you can learn key knowledge to ensure you are well-equipped for efficient parenting and happy home life. 

Download the Headway app today to start your journey of self-growth. 


What is a parenting app?

A parenting app is an application designed to assist with parenting. This can involve many aspects, such as nutrition, babysitting, and chore management.

Is there an app for parents to co-parent?

There are numerous apps for co-parenting, including OurFamilyWizard, which helps separated parents avoid conflict, keep organized, and healthily raise their children.

Is there an app to monitor my child’s text messages?

Several apps can monitor your child’s text messages, including Bark. Bark is an app for online safety that monitors all aspects of your child’s online life, including tracking text messages.

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