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3 perfect steps to find the best reading solution for you in 2021

Find out how to start your fulfilling reading journey

Why do you need to read books?

Since childhood, we hear that reading is useful. All of those smart adult people said that you should read to… what actually? We used to read to get a high mark at school or, possibly, someone was lucky enough to fall in love with amazing literature worlds.

But unfortunately, nobody said that we could read to solve any kind of problem in life.

You just need to pick the right book.

But how?

Define the problem

Firstly, define the problem. Try to answer the question What kind of need do I want to satisfy now? Yes, there are lots of popular books. But in Headway, we say, “No need, no book.” We strongly believe that books should help and cover your current need as fully as possible.

Be mindful? Have a healthy body? Boost your career? Build strong relationships? Be aware of personal finance? Or, maybe, be in closer touch with your real self?

Simon Sinek would say, “Start with why?”.  Although Simon uses his formula in the business field, it is okay to ask yourself about your “why.”

“Why” is a very true basis of our motivation. Let’s get an example. I want to feel healthy and fit. This is my “why.” So “How?” can I achieve this? With everyday morning exercises and organic food. And “What”? I do my morning exercises and order a soup and green salad for lunch. Just an example, not a piece of advice.

It may look like too much thinking. But you are going to put your time and effort to read a piece of the text, are you? Then it is totally fine to think deeply first and make a little reflection on your status quo.

An honest conversation with your inner self, and here we are. Now you know what kind of problem you are going to solve or which of your development areas has the highest priority.

You googled “your need” + “books” and got a lot of links and recommendations. What’s next?

Read the book summary

Someone says that you need to read up to 50 pages of the book to understand if it is interesting and useful for you now. It is about 25 000 words and will take near 1,4 hours to read with an average reading speed. More or less, we often do not have so much time to make a final choice for the book.

And this is a moment when our team is reaching out. We work hard and enthusiastically to create a book summary every day.

The book summary is a piece of unique content that will help to make your final book choice.

This is a small 15-min reading version of the book with main ideas from it. We suggest saving time by getting the book’s key insights before spending hours reading it fully. As a result, you can read more books in less time to learn more and achieve your goals.

However, you may go further — we would be really proud of you — and check the book reviews on such sites as Amazon and GoodReads. Why? (Simon Sinek would say “hah” here) We believe that time is the most valuable resource we have. So, the mindful choice of a book and useful reading experience is that kind of expertise we really want to share. And after all, you may ask What else can be done here?

Check the book communities

You have your own “Why – How – What” and have read the book summary on Headway. We would continue with checking the communities and blogs. If Amazon and GoodReads are not enough, we would like to point out (to reveal)  that one of the most famous readers in the world, Bill Gates, has his blog, incredible Oprah has her Book Club, and it is always a good idea to dive into the popular book topics on Quora.

Well, without a doubt, you are a totally equipped learner now. Let the fantastic reading journey begin!

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