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People who succeed have one thing in common: Headway

How one app can help you become the best version of yourself

If only there were a way to solve all our problems. A superpower that could turn flaws into advantages and make us the kings of the world. A set of rules following which will guarantee luxury conditions and lifelong happiness.

But let’s be realistic. You own your life. Thus, if you’re planning to become the best version of yourself and live better — you need to work on it. And with our experience and help, this process will be easy and full of fun!

So, prepare yourself for an exciting tour through the Universe called the Headway app!

Station 1: Welcome aboard! Now you’re a part of Headway community, and you’re special

When you finally choose to give yourself a chance to grow, you become one of them — people who take life into their own hands and realize their power. Headway is your key to fantastic results and fast improvements — with it, you’ll boost your self-growth and achieve goals that now are only dreams!

With our personalized attitude, you start getting only the information you can be inspired by. How does it work?

After downloading the app, we get to know you: the quiz will tell us which interests you have and what areas you want to elevate. And then, every day, we will recommend the best content in the Today for you section.

Because we know you’re unique. And we make sure you realize that.

Station 2: Fall in love with reading

It won’t be news that we live in a world overloaded with information of all different kinds. Thus, sometimes it seems impossible to spare time for reading and learning. The Headway app lets you read and also listen to the world’s best books in 15 minutes or less.

We’re driven by bite-sized content. We also believe in lifelong learning. That’s why our mission is to provide you with the most valuable information from a book in each summary. So you become smarter.

Our summaries are written by talented writers who know how to extract key insights and keep you intrigued and excited during the reading process.

Imagine you can read 20 books per month. Sounds crazy? We prove it’s real and super effective!

Station 3: Win the prize!

Are there people who don’t like little contests? Often, when we feel a rivalry, we show better results. And it’s not always about competition with other people. Instead, it could be about competition with your old self.

Every day is an excellent opportunity to grow and discover something new.

On the Headway app, you can take a challenge. At this moment, there are 10 challenges based on different areas of life: Success, Wealth, Healthy relationships, Joyful life, Self-confidence, etc. Each day you’ll get to read or listen to one book summary that is related to the topic you’ve chosen — and get exceptional achievements for your efforts.

Want to compete with others? Easy, start a challenge with your friends and see who will be the first to get all the prizes!

Station 4: Remember everything

We couldn’t leave you without it: Spaced Repetition is one of our best features. With its help, you’ll boost your memory and turn it into a machine! Here’s how it works: while reading a summary, you can highlight the insight you want to remember — and it’ll become a flashcard.

From time to time, we will remind you to go through your cards and refresh your knowledge. Just imagine how trained your memory will be after a couple of months?

Station 5: Join the community

We communicate with our lovely audience via social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And we love to see Headway’s daily insights and achievements they share there. You can show the journey you’re on to your close ones on Instagram stories. It will help you and obviously will be an excellent example for them.

Station 6: Always be inspired

We make sure you have access to all the learning and entertaining wherever you go, whatever you do. All our summaries are available offline, and we also inspire you with widgets — so each time you look in your phone, your eyes capture some good thoughts.

Final station: download → learn → become a better you

It seems that you’re one step from starting a new and fascinating adventure that definitely is going to change your life!

Learn and get inspired anytime, anywhere.

And if you need numbers:

  • our community grows fast: just in 2,5 years, more than 10 million have downloaded the app

  • over 2 000 000 people use the Headway app monthly

  • users have read more than 3,583,864 books during the last year

  • we’re featured in 140+ countries in categories like Popular Apps to Try, This Week’s Favorite, Learn More Everyday, Read More, Achieve More, New Apps We Love

Now nothing can stop you from becoming a better you!

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