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A Wow Collaboration: Headway x Lamha

How a mutual desire to help people gain knowledge resulted in a fruitful partnership

Along the way of helping people grow, two companies, Headway and Lamha, seized an extraordinary opportunity to collaborate. Let’s get to know them more!

Headway is a bite-sized learning app for fun and easy growth. There are visual explainers, daily insights, 15-min text & audio book summaries, challenges, personalized features, and even more. And as Headway’s mission is to help people grow to become better versions of themselves, the team is constantly on the lookout for making the best ideas more accessible.

Lamha is an app that offers a variety of audio content: book summaries, podcasts, audiobooks, and more about business, human development, history, and politics.

Lamha pursues participation with its audience of audio content makers, specifically podcast makers. The app provides podcasters’ original programs and episodes, just like the episodes of Arab podcast platforms. Also, Lamha offers a space for educational and entertainment content creators to publish their original content on the app and increase the reach to a large and growing audience interested in edutainment. For more information about Lamha, see here.

United in the goal to help others with self-growth, Lamha and Headway decided to combine the efforts to let more people gain new knowledge in less time. This way, Lamha gets an exclusive right to spread Headway’s audio content in UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Qatar.

Thanks to this exciting partnership, listeners in these countries will get more opportunities to become the best versions of themselves with Headway’s audio summaries.

How do we feel about this collaboration?

As says Alex Vorona, COO at Headway:

“We are very excited about this partnership. It is an incredible opportunity to reach even more people with our content for fun and easy growth.”

Lamha shares Headway’s feelings, according to their CEO, Mohammad Abusheikh:

“Our partnership with Headway will enable us to unlock the potential of the power of the spoken word in the Middle East for Arabic speakers especially and the whole world. It’s the first of its kind in the region, and it will indeed be very impactful to the whole Audio market in the MENA.”

This unique collaboration has already started, so make sure to check it out and provide yourself with even more tools for growth.

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