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15 Inspiring Self-growth Newsletters to Stay on Top of Your Work and Life

Discover the emails full of valuable life hacks and tips that your inbox is probably missing


Self-growth is all about consistency and building new habits. However, integrating development into your daily routine is much easier when you make your old habits work for you. Most of us check our email inboxes several times a day. So, subscribe to a few inspirational self-development newsletters to make the most of this routine.

We have made a selection of valuable newsletters that will deliver inspiring insights and tips on productivity, career, wellbeing, motivation, and more to your inbox regularly. Choose the content that's right for you from the list below and start your self-growth journey now.

1. The Assist

The Assist is an email that makes becoming a better professional enjoyable. 4 times a week, the Assist Team sends a newsletter full of actionable tips to thousands of problem-solving go-getters. 

The newsletter will bring you: insightful articles, wellness and career tips, motivational quotes, memes, and more.

2. One Daily Nugget

One Daily Nugget has assembled a world-class team of curators who comb through thousands of the most inspirational articles ever published to discover one self-improvement nugget daily.

The newsletter will bring you: just one particularly impactful article to accelerate self-growth daily.

3. Headway

For those who prefer to start their self-growth journey from the mailbox, Headway makes the world’s best ideas even more accessible. The newsletter from Headway will save you time when choosing and reading nonfiction and motivate you to stay on track to become a better version of yourself. 

The newsletter will bring you: knowledge-boosting insights, challenges, and personalized nonfiction recommendations.

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4. Maker Mind

Maker Mind is your weekly dose of mindful productivity. This newsletter provides the chance to discover science and real-life experience behind improved performance and wellbeing. All the articles are written by people who are part scientists, part makers. 

The newsletter will bring you: neuroscience-based strategies to cultivate curiosity, maximize efficiency, and dare to create.

5. 3-in-3 

3-in-3 is an email that suggests learning 3 things in 3 minutes. With this newsletter, you never know what comes to your inbox next: an exciting self-improvement tip or a mind-blowing scientific fact.

The newsletter will bring you: smart, entertaining, and helpful ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

6. Friyay Fuel

After an overwhelming week of work, life, and wild world happenings, we all need a little more fuel in our Fridays. Friday Fuel will add some good vibes and wellness to your self-improvement journey.

The newsletter will bring you: whimsical words, happy tunes, interesting insights to keep you informed, and lots of fun links to satisfy your senses. 


7. Girlboss

Girlboss is a daily dose of inspiration and helpful advice for girls building their careers. The content will motivate, entertain, and help you embrace your professional journey.

The newsletter will bring you: epic trends, exciting updates from the world of work, career advice, and job opportunities.

8. Brain Food

Brain Food is a weekly newsletter that provides practical insights. Every Sunday, you will get timeless ideas you can use to create wealth, live a meaningful life, and achieve unstoppable progress.  

The newsletter will bring you: quotes and thoughts to reflect upon and expert tips to apply.

9. Newsette

Newsette is a daily letter of inspiration and pleasant vibes for ambitious women. Every morning Newsette motivates and informs women across the globe.

The newsletter will bring you: news from beauty to business and beyond, along with an inspiring interview

10. #jesspicks

Thinking about a side hustle? The #jesspicks newsletter will provide you with experience-based lifehacks and insights for entrepreneur-ing your way. 

The newsletter will bring you: inspiration, tips, and resources to boost personal and professional growth.

11. Venture Out

Venture Out provides ideas that support you in being happier, becoming more efficient, and getting the most out of life. This newsletter will help you push your productivity limits.

The newsletter will bring you: relatable, practical tips to increase positivity and productivity.


12. Brainpint

Brainpint is a newsletter for the curious who want to sharpen their minds. Uncover more about the world and yourself by getting creativity-boosting ideas and empowering insights in your inbox.

The newsletter will bring you:  a curated selection of interesting reads, tools & learning resources.

13. Money with Katie 

Struggling with personal finance? Money with Katie is a weekly email that will help you redefine your relationship with money and start manifesting financial freedom.

The newsletter will bring you: money insights, investing & tax strategies, and spending advice.

14. Optimize me

Optimize me is your guide to becoming a better human and a high performer by discovering ways to improve wellness, overcome trauma, and optimize personal productivity.

The newsletter will bring you: curated selections of insightful content on wellness, self-growth, productivity, emotional intelligence, and more.

15. Perspectives

Perspectives is a newsletter about tech, leadership, and career growth created by a Silicon Valley tech executive. Hack your personal and professional development by learning from the failures and successes of the A-player.

The newsletter will bring you: tips, guides, and best practices based on hard-earned experience. 

Subscribe to Perspectives on the link.

Consider your primary goals and give a few relevant newsletters a try. At Headway, we believe that every person has the time and motivation for self-growth as long as one finds the correct format to gain new knowledge. 

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