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8 Best Body Image Books

Discover a collection of empowering body image books that inspire self-acceptance and promote a positive relationship with your body.


I Thought It Was Just Me

by Brené Brown, Ph.D.

4.7 (6028 reviews)

What is I Thought It Was Just Me about?

In this empowering book, a renowned researcher delves into the pervasive culture of shame that women face. Through personal stories and extensive research, she explores the impact of shame on women's lives and offers practical strategies for reclaiming power and courage. With compassion and insight, the author encourages women to embrace vulnerability, challenge societal expectations, and build resilience in order to live authentically and shamelessly.

Who should read I Thought It Was Just Me

  • Women seeking empowerment and courage in a shame-driven society.

  • Individuals interested in understanding and challenging societal shame norms.

  • Anyone looking to reclaim their power and build resilience.



by Jessamyn Stanley

4.7 (494 reviews)

What is Yoke about?

In this empowering memoir, Jessamyn Stanley shares her transformative journey towards self-acceptance through the practice of yoga. With refreshing honesty and vulnerability, she explores the intersections of body image, race, and society's expectations, while offering practical advice and inspiring anecdotes. Through her personal experiences, Stanley encourages readers to embrace their bodies, challenge societal norms, and find inner peace through the power of yoga. A must-read for anyone seeking self-acceptance and a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection.

Who should read Yoke

  • Individuals seeking self-acceptance and empowerment through the practice of yoga.

  • Yoga enthusiasts looking for a fresh perspective on self-acceptance.

  • Those interested in exploring the transformative power of yoga and self-acceptance.


Intuitive Eating

by Evelyn Tribole M.S. R.D., Elyse Resch M.S. R.D F.A.D.A

4.6 (4636 reviews)

What is Intuitive Eating about?

This groundbreaking book presents a revolutionary approach to eating that challenges traditional dieting methods. Written by two experienced registered dietitians, it encourages readers to listen to their bodies and trust their internal cues for hunger and fullness. With practical advice and evidence-based strategies, this anti-diet guide empowers individuals to develop a healthy relationship with food, promoting self-acceptance and body positivity.

Who should read Intuitive Eating

  • Individuals struggling with disordered eating habits and body image issues.

  • Health professionals seeking an alternative approach to dieting and weight loss.

  • Anyone interested in developing a healthier relationship with food.


The Elephant in the Room

by Tommy Tomlinson

4.6 (438 reviews)

What is The Elephant in the Room about?

In this poignant memoir, Tommy Tomlinson, a self-proclaimed fat man, bravely confronts the challenges of obesity in a society obsessed with size. With raw honesty and humor, he shares his personal journey of weight loss, exploring the emotional and physical toll it takes on his life. Tomlinson's introspective narrative sheds light on the complexities of body image, self-acceptance, and the relentless pursuit of health in an ever-expanding America.

Who should read The Elephant in the Room

  • Individuals struggling with weight issues seeking inspiration and motivation.

  • Health professionals and nutritionists interested in obesity and weight loss.

  • Anyone curious about the impact of obesity in modern society.


The Beauty Myth

by Naomi Wolf

4.5 (1081 reviews)

What is The Beauty Myth about?

"The Beauty Myth" by Naomi Wolf explores the societal pressures and expectations placed on women to conform to narrow standards of beauty. Through extensive research and analysis, Wolf reveals how these images of beauty are used as a tool to control and undermine women's progress in various aspects of life. This thought-provoking book sheds light on the harmful effects of the beauty myth and calls for a reevaluation of society's perception of women's worth.

Who should read The Beauty Myth

  • Women seeking to understand societal pressures and beauty standards.

  • Feminists interested in exploring the impact of beauty ideals.

  • Individuals interested in the intersection of gender and media.


The Body Book

by Cameron Diaz

4.4 (2497 reviews)

What is The Body Book about?

In this empowering and informative book, the author delves into the fascinating world of the human body. Exploring topics such as nutrition, exercise, and mental well-being, she provides readers with valuable insights and practical advice on how to nourish and appreciate their bodies. With a focus on self-love and embracing one's unique beauty, this book serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding and caring for our amazing bodies.

Who should read The Body Book

  • Individuals seeking to understand the science behind their body's needs.

  • Those looking to develop a healthier relationship with their body.

  • People interested in exploring the connection between mind and body.


Strong Looks Better Naked

by Khloe Kardashian

4.3 (2423 reviews)

What is Strong Looks Better Naked about?

"Strong Looks Better Naked" is a motivational and empowering book that delves into the personal journey of a well-known celebrity. Through her own experiences, the author shares valuable insights on body image, self-acceptance, and the importance of mental and physical well-being. With a focus on embracing strength and resilience, this book offers practical advice and inspiration for anyone seeking to improve their overall health and confidence.

Who should read Strong Looks Better Naked

  • Individuals seeking motivation and inspiration for personal transformation.

  • Fans of Khloe Kardashian interested in her personal journey.

  • Those looking for advice on fitness

  • self-care

  • and self-improvement.


Love, Pamela

by Pamela Anderson

What is Love, Pamela about?

"Love, Pamela: A Memoir of Prose, Poetry, and Truth" is an intimate and revealing account of a renowned figure's life journey. Through a captivating blend of prose and poetry, the author, Pamela Anderson, delves into her personal experiences, relationships, and the challenges she has faced. With unfiltered honesty, she invites readers to explore the depths of her heart, offering a unique perspective on love, fame, and the pursuit of authenticity. This memoir is a poignant reflection on life's complexities and the power of vulnerability.

Who should read Love, Pamela

  • Fans of Pamela Anderson who want an intimate glimpse into her life.

  • Poetry enthusiasts seeking a unique blend of prose and verse.

  • Individuals interested in personal stories of resilience and self-discovery.