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Summary of Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? 

What’s inside

Unlock the power of accessible mental health techniques. Discover how consistency and dedication can enhance emotional resilience.

Key points


The missing link we need to be happier is awareness

The conversation about mental health is one of the most puzzling ones. Although one could say that emotional wellness is a hot topic today, the stigma still lingers. As a result, many people feel uncertain and confused about how to handle their well-being.
Mental health challenges can affect anyone, regardless of background or status.
Julie Smith, a renowned physiologist, noticed this firsthand while speaking with her clients. They frequently expressed surprise and gratitude upon learning about emotional wellness, remarking, “Why has nobody told me this before?” This simple question reveals the power of knowledge but highlights the lack of resources available to those struggling.

Unfortunately, therapy may not always be financially feasible. Moreover, there's an overwhelming amount of misinformation online, making it challenging to discover the necessary tools on your own.

In response to this problem, Julie began creating and sharing short videos on mental health topics that gained millions of followers.
Small steps toward mental health improvement can lead to significant changes over time.
Although Julie caught people's attention and initiated conversations about mental health, she still wanted to do more. Creating a 60-second video meant leaving out a lot of detail, which may be crucial for improvement. Therefore, she decided to provide more comprehensive information on putting essential concepts into practice. That is where this summary comes in.

Within a short time, you will learn techniques that may help you alleviate the symptoms of depression, reduce stress, and combat anxiety. You will discover the tips and tricks most people learn in therapy. By equipping yourself with this knowledge, you can take proactive steps toward improving your mental health, even if you cannot access professional treatment.

Negative emotions do not define you

For better or worse, low mood comes with being human. Frustrating moments can bring us down, but they don't have to determine our day’s course or overall well-being.
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Toxic positivity has a healthier alternative


Your attention belongs where it matters most


Try to alter your reality instead of avoiding it


Motivation is not a mystical force but a skill you can learn


Keep moving forward despite self-doubt



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You’ll learn

What keeps you from happiness
How to build your self-esteem
Ways to increase motivation
Why self-compassion helps

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