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War in Ukraine: Global Response

based on articles by Vox, BBC, The New York Times, The Guardian, Vice, Politico, and Radio Liberty

The global community can’t stand aside when world peace is at stake due to the Russian attack on Ukraine.

In this summary, you will read about how the world is helping Ukraine, what sanctions are imposed on Russia, and why NATO can’t send its troops.

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Donate to the Red Cross

1. World countries show a united front supporting Ukraine

Thanks to the collective effort of Ukraine’s President, diplomacy, and the Armed Forces, the US, EU, UK, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand imposed sanctions on Russia to condemn its war of aggression. Banks, military exports, oil refineries, and elites were the target. They also banned Russia from the SWIFT system and shut the skies for Russian planes. Even Switzerland has stopped being neutral for the first time since 1815. The list of sanctions keeps growing.


In addition, the US offered to evacuate Ukraine’s President from Kyiv, but he turned them down.

“I need ammunition, not a ride.”

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine

Ukraine even applied for immediate EU membership and is on its way to receiving candidate status.

2. The economic collapse of Russia is nearing

As the sanctions expand, Western corporations exit Russia or halt their services. These include banks, big tech, energy giants, aircraft, automobile manufacturers, and others.

⚡️ As a result, the ruble plummeted to a record low.

A global “hacktivist” community, Anonymous, including IT specialists from across the globe, declared a cyberwar against Russia. For one, they hacked into Russian TV networks to broadcast pro-Ukrainian content. Also, there have been data leaks of sensitive military information of Russia and Belarus.

3. Why didn’t Ukraine join NATO?

An attack against one NATO member is deemed an attack against all as per the principle of collective defense. Thus, if Ukraine were a member, it would be under protection along with other NATO countries.

⚡️ Ukraine counts on NATO’s diplomatic support and military aid to stop the biggest attack on a European state since World War Two.

Why didn’t Ukraine join NATO earlier? In 2008, it applied for membership, which now-fugitive president Yanukovych hindered in 2010. Following the Revolution of Dignity, Russia invaded and annexed Crimea in 2014, sent troops without insignia, and started a hybrid war in Ukraine’s east. Hence, border disputes and an ongoing conflict impeded NATO membership.


Donate to the Red Cross

4. Protests for Ukraine and help to the refugees

People worldwide are standing up for Ukraine by speaking up, attending protests against Russia’s invasion, and donating to charity foundations. For example, at least 100 000 people gathered in Berlin over the weekend to demonstrate their support.

Neighboring countries such as Poland, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, and Hungary take in refugees. They provide shelter, food, medical aid, and cash allowances. Previous refugee rules have been lifted, letting Ukrainians stay in any EU country without time restrictions.

According to the UN, more than a million Ukrainians fled the country, and the number is estimated to grow to four million.

5. Ukraine needs every helping hand to restore peace

Even though Ukraine has already received immense humanitarian and military aid from the world community, more is urgently needed. Russia keeps crossing all possible lines in their aggression: residential areas, schools, universities, kindergartens, and orphanages are bombarded by Russian soldiers, among many other places.

UK Prime Minister calls Russia’s assault on Ukraine ‘abhorrent’.

From CNN’s Manveena Suri

Every additional day of war brings gruesome damage to Ukraine, which will take years to rebuild. Ukraine is calling out people worldwide for immediate action to save innocent lives and restore peace once and for all.

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