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How I read 52 books in a month – all my secrets in a 5 min read

Find out the best tips and techniques to speed up your reading and learning

‘So many books, so little time,’ said Frank Zappa once, and it’s difficult to deny this fact. Every month more and more great books are published, and in a blink of an eye, your to-read list becomes infinite. Maybe it could be handled if you dedicated every hour to going through pages. Alas, the reality is far from this scenario to be true.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this article full of the best tips and tricks on how to become a pro at finishing books in a blink of an eye! All you need is aspiration and the Headway app installed on your smartphone.

So, are you ready to master a new skill? Let’s start!

Tip 1. Know the writing trickery

There is one secret that every part of the text in the book holds. To be more specific, it’s one of the most basic writing rules that exist. The first and the last sentence in the paragraph always keep the most crucial idea and lesson. However, it may still take quite some time to go through all the pages. That’s when the Headway app comes in handy.

On the Headway app, you will find 15-minute bite-sized summaries from the world’s best nonfiction books. All titles have been remastered into short reads with key insights and tips. It will help you read more, learn something new every day, and decide what books you are most interested in reading from the very first pages till the last ones.

Tip 2. Every spare time matters

Everybody can agree that we all have dozens of everyday chores that just need to be done. Commuting, cleaning up, buying groceries — the list can go on for quite some time. Thankfully, people have come up with audiobooks! Now we can make the most out of every minute of our life and learn something new, even while working out or standing in a line for a cup of morning coffee.

But do you know what’s even more beneficial? An audio version of every single summary on the Headway app! Narrated by professional voice actors, they’ll give you maximum profit while taking little to no extra effort from you. And to expand the borders of your learning experience, the Headway app doesn’t need you to always be online! Simply download the audio or text you want to master and voilà — nothing stands between you and gaining new knowledge!

Tip 3. Staying motivated is a must

The greatest results come when you leave your comfort zone and set mini-challenges that give you that friendly push. That’s why it is a good idea to take your to-read plan and divide it into several parts. Once you set your daily goal of the time spent reading every day, it won’t be long before you reach the end of the list! But it’s not a secret that sometimes it is so hard to stick to the agenda and keep up with the promise you’ve given yourself.

And for this problem, the Headway app also has a perfect solution! We’ve created unique reading challenges for different goals. Choose what you want to achieve and follow the challenge to see amazing results in 28 days or less.

But if you want your unique set of books to read, you can always pick the titles you are interested in and track your progress! In the Me section, you will find your reading achievements. Check out how well you are doing compared to other Headway users, set timing goals of how much do you want to read per day, and, of course, check your current streak! Don’t worry; you will get reminders about how much time is left to finish your daily reading session, so you will never lose your score.

Staying motivated has never been this easy!

Once you try these three reading tips in practice, your experience with books will never be the same, guaranteed! And in case you’ve been wondering what else is so good about the Headway app, we are just about to unfold everything.

What is a summary anyways?

Have you ever wished that you could read an entire book in 15 minutes or less without missing all the crucial information? After all, there are dozens of worthy titles in the world. However, even if you dedicated every single minute of your life to reading, that wouldn’t be enough to dig into all the books. That’s when summaries come to help.

Summaries are unique pieces of content written based on a book. The goal is to filter all extra sentences and pages and keep only those pieces and thoughts that are really useful. Headway has an entire summary production team with writers, editors, and proofreaders that create magic in the form of 5 chapters.

But don’t be afraid. It’s not just a dry text that is boring to read. Most impactful insights and quotes are highlighted in the most remarkable way. There is no chance that you will miss any of them!

Really enjoying the @get_headway app. It summarises bestselling books in 15 minutes. You can read it yourself or have it read to you. Perfect for morning walks. I've listened to 16 books in 3 days 💪

Authenticity and uniqueness

At Headway, every piece of content is original. The team picks the most outstanding books, and our talented writers turn them into 15-minute reads. No critical information is excluded from summaries! Only the best insights and minimum time to read them. What’s more? Our groundbreaking illustrator creates all book covers! Take a minute to look into all the metaphors inside the book jackets. It’s worth it!

On top of that, there are editor-picked collections. We know that it can be a little overwhelming to see so many books and decide where to start. That’s why collections are great helpers. Dive into multiple topics like productivity, self-growth, happiness, and many others. This is a great way to begin your journey with Headway!

One more outstanding feature of Headway is the customization of recommendations. After you fill the quiz, you get access to your account that processes all the information. Based on it, you get your very own book recommendations in the Today for you section.

Memorize it!

One of the features that we are most proud of is Spaced Repetition. It is a proven learning technique that is based on flashcards and aims to help with memorizing. How does it work? It’s simple! While reading a summary, you just need to select a word or an insight you’d like to memorize, and voilà — it turns into the flashcard in the Spaced Repetition section. Once you’ve learned certain information, the flashcard will be saved in your history. Don’t forget to check and revise it. This feature is also perfect for readers who speak English as a second language. You can add the dictionaries you need to your flashcards and improve your vocabulary.

Widgets all the way

Yes, that’s correct. Now inspiration is always in your pocket and speaks to you every time you unlock your phone. Our team picks the best quotes and insights for Headway widgets to keep you motivated every second. And what can we say? Our users love this feature!

This is an awesome app!!! One of my formers @TandyGarrett7 recommended it to me to share with students. So many amazing features & benefits 📚 🤗

We want more people to find out about Headway as we believe in what we do. Helping others become better and smarter is our primary goal, and we go towards it, steadily and firmly.

Download the Headway app now to join our fantastic community and change your life forever!

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