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A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Better You

How to start transforming your life and achieve even the most ambitious goals

Looking for ways to become a better you? It can be challenging to find a gap dedicated to personal growth, especially reading with a busy lifestyle. But what if you could finish any book in just 15 minutes and learn all its critical ideas? That would be a fantastic shortcut to creating the best version of yourself, right? Say no more because it’s now possible with Headway!

On the Headway app, you will find 15-minute bite-sized summaries from the world’s best nonfiction books. All titles have been remastered into short reads with key insights and tips. It will help you read more, learn something new every day, and boost your self-growth to entirely new heights.

More than 7 million readers have already picked Headway as their never-ending source of wisdom and self-improvement. Want to know more before becoming one of them? Let’s go!

First, What is a Summary?

A summary is an original piece of content written based on a book. Headway has an entire summary production team with writers, editors, and proofreaders who create magic in the form of 5 chapters. Their goal is to filter out all extra sentences and pages and keep only important information and useful thoughts. This way, you can save hundreds of hours on reading in just a month and still get all the critical book insights!

And don’t be afraid — a summary is not a dry, boring text. On the contrary, all insights and quotes are highlighted in the most remarkable and engaging way. So there is no chance that you will miss any of them!

Really enjoying the @get_headway app. It summarises bestselling books in 15 minutes. You can read it yourself or have it read to you. Perfect for morning walks. I've listened to 16 books in 3 days 💪

— Caroline Wellingham (@raisethebarlife)January 5, 2021

Read & Listen Anywhere

Not only is there a massive collection of nonfiction book summaries, but there are also audio versions to every 15-min read! So whether you are having a workout or commuting, it is a perfect option to learn and evolve any second given.

What’s more? With Headway, you don’t always need to have an Internet connection. You can download any summary and read or listen to it anytime and anywhere. That’s what we call limitless access to knowledge.

Loving the @get_headway app for my morning inspirational reading. Today I chose ‘The Truths We Hold’ by @VP @KamalaHarris. It’s intriguing to see an insight into what makes a leader and what influenced her to get to where she is now.

— Fran Davison (@FranDavison94)January 22, 2021

Challenge Accepted!

Do you struggle with consistency? Worry no more! We’ve created unique reading challenges for different goals to help you form a reading habit and stick to it. Choose what you want to achieve and follow the challenge to see excellent results in 28 days or less.

How does it work? First, you pick the challenge that seems the most appealing and necessary to you. Success, Achievements, Wellness, Healthy relationships, Self-confidence, Emotional intelligence, Joyful life, Close-knit family — you name it! Some challenges take 14 days, and some take 30, as it hugely depends on the goal you strive to achieve. Then you get a calendar that assigns one summary for each day — easy, right? By simply dedicating 15 minutes daily to self-growth, you get closer and closer to your end target.

But what’s the fun without a little competition? Dare your friends to accept the challenge with you, see who will earn all achievements quicker, and don’t forget to discuss the insights you enjoyed the most together!

Memorize It!

One of the features we are proudest of is Spaced Repetition. It is a proven learning technique that is based on flashcards and aims to help with memorizing.

How does it work? It’s simple! While reading a summary, you just need to highlight a word or an insight you’d like to memorize, tap Remember, and voilà — it turns into a flashcard in the Spaced Repetition section. Once you’ve learned selected information, the flashcard will be saved in your history. Don’t forget to check and revise it!

This feature is also perfect for readers who speak English as a second language. Because you can look up the unknown words, add them to the flashcards and improve your vocabulary!

Dive into the Best Insights

Not only are our writers the magicians of turning a book into a 15-minute summary, but they are also pros at highlighting key ideas and turning them into memorable insights! So there is no chance you’ll miss them as we’ve created the most comfortable navigation through summaries.

But that’s not all! Every day you get the portion of the most relatable Daily Insights inside the app. And yeah, we know how important it is to share what inspires you with others. Once again, that is possible with Headway as well! You can share Daily Insights to your Instagram stories and give others a glimpse of your source of motivation. After all, why shouldn’t you be a self-growth inspiration for your followers?

Widgets All The Way

Yes, that’s correct. Now inspiration is always in your pocket and speaks to you every time you unlock your phone. Our team picks the best quotes and insights for Headway widgets to keep you motivated every second. And what can we say? Our users love this feature!

Authentic and Unique

What’s more? Our groundbreaking illustrators create all the book covers for summaries. So take a minute to look into all the metaphors inside our authentic book jackets. It’s mind-boggling!

Meet another outstanding feature of Headway — personalized recommendations. After filling out the quiz, you get your very own book recommendations based on it in the Today for you section.

On top of that, there are editor-picked collections. We know that it can be a little overwhelming to see 1000+ summaries and decide where to start. That’s why collections are great helpers. Dive into multiple topics like productivity, self-growth, happiness, and many others. A great way to begin your journey with Headway!

If y’all are looking for that daily reading with inspiration to a new mindset and a new lifestyle @get_headway it’s key!!! 💯

— channy (@cruzecontroldoe)January 21, 2021

Celebrate Your Progress

In the Profile section, you will find your reading achievements. Discover how well you are doing compared to other Headway users, set timing goals of how much you want to read per day, and, of course, check your streak! Don’t worry; you will get reminders about how much time is left to finish your daily reading session, so you will never lose your score. That’s an excellent idea for the intellectual competition between your friends, family, and colleagues.

This is an awesome app!!! One of my formers @TandyGarrett7 recommended it to me to share with students. So many amazing features & benefits 📚 🤗

— Heeey Ms G (@ChelseaGenet)April 8, 2021

Worldwide Recognized App

Need social proof of why Headway is the best reading solution? Apple has already recognized Headway in categories like Popular Apps to Try, This Week’s Favorite, Learn More Everyday, Read More, Achieve More, and New Apps We Love in more than 140+ countries.

Headway’s biggest markets are the USA, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, and more than 7 million users have already downloaded the app! Not bad for the app that appeared only in 2019, huh?


The Outstanding Team

Talented and inspired people who share one common goal is the best definition of the Headway team. And our mission is to support, motivate and provide every person on Earth with an enjoyable and accessible way to grow.

Being a multicultural international team, we share our experiences and expertise with each other to make our product better. Every member of Headway is a brilliant specialist who adds uniqueness, passion, and new ideas to the app. People are the most significant value of Headway as they are the vital driving force that made the app successful.

This app is guhhhreattt 🤩

— Maleah ✨ (@Maleah_Nevada26)March 24, 2021

We want more people to find out about Headway as we believe in what we do. Helping others become better and smarter is our primary goal, and we go towards it steadily and firmly.

Download the Headway app now to join our fantastic community and change your life forever!

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